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What Is Aspirable?

Is This How You Thought It Would Be?

1.Is This How You Thought It Would Be?

Remember the child you used to be?

What were her dreams?

What kind of person did he think he would become?

Is the life you live the one you pictured, when you were young?

Do you think back to that little person and those dreams and wonder, what happened?

‘Alas for those that never sing,
But die with all their music in them.’

~ Oliver Wendell Holmes

If there’s a part of you that remains unfulfilled…
If you have too many things and not enough time…
If you wonder what happened to your spark…
If you do so much but wonder how much of it matters…
If words like meaning and spirit make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up…
If you feel you owe more to that little child, still inside you…
If you dread dying with your music still in you…

Then Aspirable is for you.


About the Creator of Aspirable

2.About the Creator of Aspirable

My name is Michele Connolly and I created this site for people like us. People who know there’s a life they crave, a person they want to be, and who are ready to begin the journey.

I’ve worked in jobs that drained my soul out of my pores. I’ve sacrificed what matters to me for the approval of people who don’t. I’ve known what I long to do with my life yet allowed every type of excuse and fear and self sabotage to stop me.

And, eventually, step-by-step, I’ve learned to create a life based on what I truly care about.

I’ve based the Aspirable program partly on the things I learned in my Psychology degree, the thesis I researched and wrote on

Happiness, a Life Coaching accreditation, my corporate career, the experience I gained running successful businesses, and the reality of being a wife, friend, daughter, sister, and charmingly neurotic introvert.

But the most powerful influence on this program has been the little voice inside me, the one I could barely hear above the cacophony of convention and obligation and expectation, the persistent whisper of child-me, who I had betrayed.

Aspirable is for all those little people still in us. They deserve to be heard.


The modules cover:

1. MIND – happiness, thinking, personal development, motivation

2. BODY – health, diet, exercise

3. SPIRIT – purpose, passion, fun, spirituality

4. WORK – business, career, professional development, achievement

5. RELATIONSHIPS – love, friendship, family, communication

6. STYLE – closet, personal presentation, beauty

7. TIME – productivity, technology, effectiveness

8. SPACE – home, clutter, environment!

The Aspirable Program is coming soon.

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