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The Daily Oasis

You know one of the nicest things you can do for yourself?

Give yourself a daily oasis: A little island of bliss that’s part of your routine. Built into your schedule. Not negotiable. As regular as brushing your teeth.

No matter what stresses and strains the day brings, there’s always this piece of calm to look forward to, to savor.

A time and place where you can escape the relentless monkey mind and find some inner glee.

I have two daily oases. In the morning, I have breakfast while doing the crossword. And at night I get into bed with a book and read till I feel sleepy.

You can choose something you do alone if you’re an introvert like I am. Daily alone time is absolutely essential to my sense of peace. Without it I am Miss Cranky-Pants.

Choose something active if that’s what makes you feel nourished.

Or playtime with the kids if that feeds your soul.

Or a sensual bath.

Or a meditation.

Or having a cup of tea in your garden as the sun rises.

Or a check-in phone call, Skype, or text exchange with your BFF.

It needs to be something you look forward to, and something that helps you feel restored and happy.

I suggest it should be at least 10 minutes, more if you can manage it. Enough time to lose yourself a little. Enough time for monkey mind to switch off.

And ideally, it should be at around the same time every day, so that it becomes a habit for you and an expectation by others.

Having a daily oasis is great for your own sense of spirit. But it’s also great for those around you.

Because by restoring yourself, you top up your energy, your patience with others, your perspective – you’re more pleasant to be around.

So the daily oasis is a gift to yourself and also to the people you live and work with.

What is your daily oasis?

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