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The One Item That Will Make Every Outfit More Stylish

I’m a sucker for those 10 Items Every Stylish Woman Should Have In Her Closet lists. In fact I’ll probably write a few of them myself.

But there’s one item that doesn’t seem to pop up on those lists. One thing that can instantly de-frumpify your look, make you look slimmer, and even give you greater confidence.

That thing is a great fitting bra.

Doesn’t sound particularly stylish? What if I call it a brassiere? Better?

Seriously though, let’s do a style check. I’m not asking you to blatantly stare at women’s chestal regions, but do look at the way a supportive bra transforms any outfit. And the way a poor fitting bra just wrecks it. See? It’s pretty much impossible to look stylish if you’re bra is, um, letting you down. It’s worth getting this right.

So how do you find a great fitting bra?

How To Find The Right Bra

You want a bra that:

  • Fits your back. That’s the number in the size – e.g. 34 in a 34C. It’s a common mistake to go bigger or smaller here when it’s the cup size that’s wrong.
  • Fits your breast. That’s the letter. There should be neither overflow nor squished-out side-boob nor cavernous excess space.
  • Is right for the garment. Smooth for under t-shirts. Nude for under white and pastels. Underwired for extra support. Strapless, halter, plunging as needed.
  • Is comfortable.
  • Looks great.

To find a bra that fits just right, I like to visit the intimate apparel area in a department store, where you get a wide range of brands and styles. These stores also have professional fitters, who know the range well and are trained in helping you get the optimum fit for you. Don’t be embarrassed to ask a professional for help – it’s well worth it.

Your Bra Wardrobe

It’s a good idea to have a wardrobe of bras. Take a look at your clothes and identify the specific bras you need. For instance:

  • Sports bras for exercise
  • A bra with convertible straps for halter and racer-back tops and dresses
  • A plunging bra for low-cut necklines
  • A strapless bra
  • A nude bra for sheer or pale tops.

Personally I’m not a fan of the visible-bra-straps look that’s now acceptable. If you are, just be sure your straps are clean and pretty.

Even if you start with one professionally-fitted bra that makes you feel great, you’ll notice an instant style upgrade in everything you wear.

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