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You Don’t Have To Give Up Anything You Love

Case In Point

Recently on Facebook a friend posted a question asking how she could lose some weight in a month. One of the first comments suggested she give up sugar.

Now this could be a good strategy for someone who doesn’t like sweet treats. But for someone who does (she does!) this is unlikely to work in the long run.

Four Food Columns

To simplify life, were going to split all all food into four categories. This isn’t based on science or dietetic principles – it’s based on making it easy for you to choose the ideal combination of food to give you health, great skin, energy, beauty, as all that good stuff, as well as pleasure.

We’re going to divide food into:

  1. Nutritious A
  2. Nutritious B
  3. Treat A
  4. Treat B.

Nutritious A

Nutritious A foods are all foods that have solid nutritional value and are also pretty low in calories.

This column includes:

  • Non-starchy vegetables (list)
  • Lean protein

Nutritious B


Treat A

This column is for food that you desire not because they provide nutrients, but because they taste great. But there’s another requirement before they go on this list – you have to absolutely love them.

Now this is one of those times where we have to remember [ICON]


You can be thin and you can have the foods you love, but you have to honest about what you generally love.


Pitfalls To Avoid

If you’re suffering from Diet Brain then you may think you love all ‘forbidden’ foods. But with the TWC system, nothing is forbidden.

It might take a while for this to sink in, and you may have to sit with it for a days.

Case In Point

When I first shared this idea with my friend Lena, she immediately retorted that she loved all food. There was nothing she especially liked, and nothing she could leave for Column, Nope, nothing,

A few days she messaged me: If I’m really honest, I get a million times more pleasure from a glass of wine and a bowl of chilli chips than I do from almost anything else. And I would always prefer a savory snack to a sweet one. And if I’m really really  honest, I barely taste desserts. I only order them for the sense of having something naughty at the end of a meal. I’m not even sure I like sweets all that much.

My Story

When I went through this process for myself it took me while to sort out my columns. By default I thought everything calorific that I shouldn’t have must be delicious. That was the rule.

But actually, after coming to terms with the fact that


It turns out…

I love

  • cheese
  • croissant pudding

It’s good, don’t get me wrong – but I could actually take or leave

  • ice cream (except rich chocolate ice cream in a cone)
  • cake

Treat B