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Everything You Need To Know About Calories And Eating Healthy (Dietician)

There’s Always A New Fad

Food combining Zone Low-Fat Atkins Low Carb Paleo

The thing is, most diets will work. Every diet will have a group of followers who’ll have had great results. Cutting out entire food groups can drastically reduce your intake of calories, so it makes sense you’d lose weight. The problem isn’t lose weight.

The problem, or rather problems, are these:

  1. Hard to permanently give up entire food groups – carbs, fat, sugar
  2. Takes some of pleasure out of life
  3. Can make it difficult to participate in things like dinner parties, dining out, etc
  4. Can make you obsessive about food
  5. Regain weight when go back to eating normally – and because of 1 – 4, people often do.